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What You Should Do Immediately After Moving Into Your New Home


You have a new home.  Here are some great tips for things to do when you first move in to start saving money.  Once the boxes are unpacked, tackle these tasks next.

Check The Insulation In Your Attic.  You should have about six inches of insulation throughout the attic.  If you need more, get more!  

Make Sure All the Vents In All Rooms Are Clear of Dust and Obstructions!  Covering vents with anything makes your heating and cooling system work harder.  And a quick dusting will help you remove dust and dust bunnies to keep these cleaner.  If you need to, have a professional come out and clean all of your duct work.

Mark Cracks In The Basement With Masking Tape.  It's not unusual for basements to settle and for the floor to crack.  But if you do have a problem with settling and cracking, you'll want to take care of that sooner rather than later.  Cover up the ends of cracks with masking tape.  In a few months, if the cracks have grown outside of the original tape, call a professional for some repair work before the problem grows.

Plant Some Shade Trees Near Your Home.  Get a natural cooling system working for you.  Plant some trees near your house to add shade.  Lowering the external temperature of your home can save you from running the air conditioning hard and all the time, when the sun is shining in the summer heat.  The sooner you plant them, the sooner they can grow and help cool your home.

If You Have to Buy New Appliances, Buy Energy Efficient.  You'll likely pay more up front for these, but you'll save money in the end.  For example, a refrigerator that uses little energy and last 20 years is much less costly over time.

Check Your Toilets and Under-Sink Plumbing.  You don't want these pipes leaking or discover you have a toilet that is constantly running.  A dripping pipe may seem harmless enough, but the cost adds up in water and you may end up creating a mold problem.

Create a Home Maintenance Checklist And Run Through It For the First Time.  And then run through it every month.  Include things you want to check monthly or quarterly.  Check plumbing, vents, outlets, paint, windows, etc.  And while you're at it,  include a checklist for changing batteries in smoke detectors, something you should do at least once a year.  

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