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Can You Ever Be Too Polite to Your Neighbors


You just moved into a new neighborhood and now you have some questions about the "rules". Are there really rules of etiquette to follow as a homeowner? You bet there are!  Here are just a few!

Keep the Noise Level Down

Don't turn on the tile saws, the lawn mowers, or other loud tools early in the morning or use them late into the evening.  A good rule of thumb is to not use them before 9:00 am or not after 9:00 pm.  Just because you may be an early riser or a night owl doesn't mean others are or that their kids are!

Respect Your Neighbors

Don't borrow things unless you really need to in a pinch.  And if you do borrow things, return them in a timely fashion.  

Don't be the neighborhood gossip.  Word will spread quickly that you are this kind of person and you will lose the trust of your neighbors.                                              

If you have an issue with a neighbor, discuss it with him in person, politely and calmly. Don't put anonymous notes in mailboxes or post anonymously in online forums.                                                                            

Keep your pets off your neighbor's lawns and out of their yards.  If Fido does use a neighbor's lawn for his bathroom, clean it up.                                        

If your neighbors prefer a child-free yard,keep your kids out of their yards, too.        

Give your neighbors their privacy.  Are they enjoying time on their deck?  Sharing a meal on their porch?

Spending time with friends?  Don't intrude.  Let them have some peace and quiet.

Add to Your Neighborhood Curb Appeal

Mow your lawn and do maintenance to prevent weeds. Don't let your grass grow knee-high before you mow it.

Make sure that trees, shrubs, and other plant parts don't creep into your neighbor's yard. This includes tree limbs, spreading shrubs, and weeds.

Remove all bicycles, skateboards, and toys from the front yard at the end of the day.

Have an exterior project going on?  Make sure to keep the clutter to a minimum and wrap the project up as soon as you can.  Don't leave ladders or other items outside that may attract children to them and cause them to hurt themselves.

In the winter, make sure to shovel and de-ice your sidewalks and other pathways.  This not only makes your home appear well taken care of, but it can keep people from slipping and sliding as they walk by on their way to school or on their walks with Fido.

And make sure you clear a path for your mail carrier as well.  Life is easier when you're not stepping in a pile of slush.

Remember your manners and you'll be the hit of the neighborhood in no time.

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