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Seven Simple Ways to Bring a Little Spring Inside


Winter always seems to hit hard after the holidays.  And now that we're past Valentine's Day, we're just counting the minutes to spring.  Spring is so close, yet so far away.  Here are some ways to bring a little warmth and sunshine into your home while you wait for spring to come to life outside. 

Grow lush grass inside.  It still may be too early to grow our lawns, but we can add a little spring fun inside our own living rooms by growing our own grass.  A little potting soil, a little basket or planter, and some fast growing grass seed, and you have your own spring lawn inside.  Remember this for next year and grow Easter grass in a basket for the world's greatest Easter surprise!

Give yourself the gift of color.  Bring out the bright throw pillows and blankets and change the table cloth.  Some fresh linens in the kitchen, dining room, living room and den will make your house feel brighter and warmer, even if the temperatures are still cold outside. 

Fill the vases with fresh flowers.  Maybe it's time to buy yourself a few bouquets.  Their colors and aromas are sure to make you feel like it's spring outside and add a little bounce to your step.  Who can resist fresh cut flowers when it comes to making your house feel like a home. 

Bring out some new scents.  Fill your home with fragrances such as hyacinth, lavender, or citrus.  These scents will bring out the best of spring.  So, put away the vanilla and cinnamon candles and bring out the freshest scents of the new season.

Move a piece or two of your spring wardrobe back to your main closet.  Even if you may still need a sweater or even a coat and gloves, it's time to bring the spring wardrobe back to your closet.  Pull out some brighter colors and put black away for the season.  You can always dress up the cooler clothes with a scarf or jacket, but the spring colors will remind you of the warm sunshine to follow.

Get outside and start prepping your garden for spring.  Before the next snow, rake the dead leaves and branches that fell during the winter, trim limbs that broke, and start doing general preparation to make sure that your garden is waiting for you when it's time to plant the first bulbs.  Don't miss a minute of the spring and summer flowers because you waited until the perfect day to prep your garden.

Do some general home maintenance.  Nothing says winter is over more than spring chores.  Clean your windows inside, mop your floors, caulk around your windows and doors, and declutter by getting rid of some of the winter clothes you haven't worn all season.

Get yourself ready now!  Be ready when spring blows in.