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Building a Homeowner's Insurance Policy that Fits Your Needs


Your home may be your biggest investment.  Don't let an unexpected surprise take it away.  If there is one thing we have learned over time it is this-  no matter where you live, you can expect the unexpected.  Fires, floods, earthquakes, storms--we can't stop them, but we can protect ourselves from financial devastation should the unthinkable happen.

Review your homeowner's policy to make sure you know what is covered and what you may want to add to the policy in addition to what is already covered.

Things to consider:

Flood insurance and earthquake insurance typically needs to be purchased seperately from the homeowner's policy or as additional endorsements.

Your policy may cover hail damage, but what if your roof is destroyed in a hail storm?  Will you be able to get a new roof?  Does your insurance cover full replacement value of your roof?

Your insurance may cover fire damage, but how do you ensure that all of the contents of your home are protected?

Do you need to consider an umbrella policy, just in case?

There may be ways you can save money and insure your home and its contents even better.

This year, don't just renew your homeowner's insurance policy--review and revise before you renew.

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