FIT Program

Universal Lending partners with financial institutions to offer a unique "Financial Institution Transaction" (FIT Program).

How would your financial institution like to be able to offer long term fixed and adjustable rate real estate loans sold on the secondary market without having to set up a fully staffed and functioning real estate department?

Here is an opportunity to earn fee income with limited effort and retain your customer. As a financial institution, the risk is great to lose the customer when they have to find their mortgage elsewhere or settle for unreasonable terms.

With the FIT Program, your financial institution can offer a variety of real estate mortgage products such as FHA, VA, USDA Rural Development loans, traditional Conventional products, the FHA 203k rehab program, and ARM products while not having to be the resident expert on each product.

Become a Partner Today!

Benefits to Your Financial Institution...

  • Fee Income
  • Outstanding Competitive Interest Rates
  • Purchases or Refinancing Loans Available
  • Innumerable Mortgage Products Available
  • No Additional Staffing Required
  • Continuity with Real Estate Community
  • Secure On-line System
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • Retention of Customer/Member base
  • No Processing of Loan Required

An eight step certification is the most involvement you will have with the file. Our Business Support Coaching platform trains and guides you through the maze of origination, while you continue to offer the customer service your customers have come to value.

Today is not soon enough to start offering a broader range of real estate mortgages to your customers.

It’s easy, limited risk, great income potential, and effortless.

Call today at (406) 294 2660 or 866-399-8941 or email Tristi Bauer (NMLS #1046589), Branch Manager at for further information.